1 - The capsule is completely natural and safe materials whose role is to reduce the size of the stomach without any surgical intervention through a natural gel.

And reduce appetite, but it burns body fat, especially in places like the abdomen, buttocks, seat and arms, and tightens the sagging of the chest. You will see the result, thanks to God, over the course of 6 years, lasting success with all cases.


- Without side effects and suitable with sugar and pressure because it is not chemical

Suitable for all weights from 8 years old to 90 years old

- Imported from the USA

 2- American Express Slim Coffee:

One of the best and most powerful effective slimming products for weight loss and abdominal slimming

Effectively and safely, it contains a combination of herbal extracts, fruits, dietary fibers and natural medicinal plants such as berries, green tea, aloe vera, garcinia and green coffee.

Features of xpress slim coffee

1- Increase your calorie burn

2- Breaking down stored fat in the body

3- Reducing bad cholesterol in the blood

4- Filling the appetite and feeling full

5- Strengthening the body's immunity

6- Improve blood circulation

7- Providing the body with energy and vitality

8- Antioxidant

Without diet, harsh diet or exercise.. the product is safe and effective and the results are great

The product recorded great results by losing weight at a rate of 5 to 8 kilograms per month

Produced by Biotech

The package contains 30 sachets to be used every day, one capsule in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast

Zelden points

It is based on German technology in slimming.

The main content of the blobs is raspberry ketone.

Zelden Slimming Drops is the perfect solution to maintain weight after slimming.

Increases the rate of burning in the body.

It helps in destroying fat cells, building muscles and tightening flabby.

Produced by Fettarm | Germany, Germany.

How to use :

1: The capsules half an hour before breakfast

2: Dots before lunch: 10 drops on half a glass of water

 3: herbs before dinner or before bed

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Complete slimming set

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