Reusable hot and cold bags. Hot and cold pads are specially designed to be applied easily to areas of the body that are in pain. How does applying cold pads help reduce swelling after an injury? Reduces body temperature, relieves headaches, toothaches, soothes severe burns 1. Store packages in the freezer until ready to cool in affected areas, please put the gel bag in the refrigerator at least 2 hours in advance. 2. Place the packs in a towel or cover them to keep them cool. If there are multiple injuries, put a wet towel before placing the packs for extra coolness. Do not apply pressure directly to the skin after taking it out of the freezer. 3. Let it press on the affected area for 15: 20 minutes, repeat every hour to 1.5 hours if necessary. Consult your doctor for prolonged use. Heated pads are used to relieve muscle and joint pain, discomfort and discomfort and menstrual cramps. Instructions for using the hot bags:- 1. Boil about 4-5 water. 2. Remove the water from the fire. 3. Immerse the bag in water for about 10 minutes. 4. Remove the bags from the boiling water, and place the hot or cold packs inside the towel before applying them to the skin. First :- Microwave heating method: Because microwaves differ in terms of power, you need to carefully set the appropriate timer for the temperature. 1. Before inserting the pack into the microwave, lay the patches flat and distribute the gel evenly in the pack. 2. If the package temperature is equivalent to room temperature, heat for 50 seconds, then pause for 50 seconds, if you want more heat, heat for 10 seconds to reach the desired temperature. 3. If the packages are cold heat them for 75 seconds, then pause for 75 seconds, if you want more heat, gradually heat the packages for an additional 10 seconds and stop each time while heating the same time to reach the appropriate temperature. 4. Record the heating time for future use. Size: 27cm x 17cm

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Reusable hot and cold gel bags

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