The Luxell LX 2820 Halogen Heater is the fastest way to heat a room in minutes. This compact halogen heater instantly heats up your cold room to give you a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. This room heater features two high quality, efficient and very powerful halogen bulbs. One of the lamps of this halogen heater can be turned on and off in order to control the degree of heating. This device consumes 1800 Watts of power to give you a powerful and reliable performance that your skin will feel. The dual lights come equipped in an electrostatically coated body that is resistant to impact, scratches and rust. Lightweight, compact dimensions make it easy to move from one place to another.

Cold weather friendly

The compact structure of the Luxell LX 2820 halogen heater makes it easy to carry from room to room, wherever needed. So whether you're going on winter vacation or moving to a new place, you don't have to leave this heater out.

As hot as a halogen heater

The Luxell LX 2820 Halogen Heater features two high quality halogen bulbs that radiate heat instantly, to heat up your room quickly. Each lamp can be turned on and off independently, enabling you to control the temperature of your surroundings as desired. The lights are built into a body with an electrostatic coating that is anti-shock, scratch and rustproof.

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Luxell LX-2820 Halogen Heater

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